Linea Sottozero

The dough

Zero animal fats.
Zero hydrogenated fats.
Zero preservatives.
Zero chemical additives.
Zero semi-finished products.

All this


Our products are made exclusively with Italian stone milled stone flours. They are particularly light and tasty because they don’t use animal derived fats (lard) or hydrogenated fats (margarines), but only Italian extra virgin olive oil (less than 3%). In the dough are also present the integral organic salt of Trapani (1.7% as recommended by European legislation), organic barley malt, natural water, brewer's yeast.

After the kneading phase, the temperature is controlled at rest. After the portioning and spreading processes, the dough is subjected to a short pre-cooking and a rapid barking at - 20 ° C in order to preserve all the organoleptic properties.

If stored correctly (at -20 / -25 ° c) they have a shelf life of 6 months. They can also be made with whole wheat flour, rye flour, sativa hemp flour etc ...

Our products are particularly suitable for restaurants, hotels, pizzerias, bars, cold tables, hot tables, canteens. After the defrosting phase or put back in temperature (30 minutes at 24 ° C or about 1-2 minutes at 150 ° C) they can be stuffed and cooked in wood-fired ovens (4 minutes at 270 ° C); gas or electric ovens (4 minutes at 270 ° C or 6-7 minutes at 250 ° C), oven with electric lamps (6-7 minutes at 250 ° C). The result is a remarkable speed of service with consequent customer satisfaction, all combined with a high quality product. Highly characterizing features of these products are the simplicity of storage, the management of the warehouse and the possibility to serve high quality pizzas without the aid of a pizza maker, but with staff duly trained for filling, cooking and service processes. They are ideal for customers who follow vegetarian and / or vegan diet regimes, while they are not suitable for celiac.